Operational Updates

Dear Ripped Bodice Community, 

We want to make sure we are keeping you updated on how we are handling this crisis. It’s been a very challenging time but we are hanging in there.

The shop remains closed to all customers with no events on the calendar.


-Online orders

We are still accepting online orders and have adopted a process to best comply with the evolving guidelines from California and LA County Departments of Health. 

This means that Leah is processing all incoming orders and our staff has been instructed to stay at home. Because this is now a one-woman operation, shipping may be slower than normal. We love and appreciate your support in this incredibly difficult time, so we ask that you bear with us as we continue to fill orders. Given the state of the world and The Post Office, we are strongly recommending that you use USPS flat rate shipping at this time to ensure the quickest and most accurate delivery.


-Care packages

We are now accepting new orders for care packages. However, because we are down to a shipping staff of one, we will be accepting orders in batches so as not to overwhelm Leah. Head to this link to enter your email address, and we’ll send you the order link once it’s your turn.

Questions about orders (or anything) can be directed to hello@therippedbodicela.com


Finally, now is a great time to think about becoming a Patron of the store. 


There is already a ton of cool content you can check out on our page. Including 12 original short stories from some amazing romance authors. Vlogs and other fun stuff. We know this is not an option for everyone and that's totally okay and understandable. But if you're looking for a way to help, this is a great option. 

We hope you are all doing okay and making it through one day at a time.
xoxo, Bea & Leah and Fitz



Would you like to link to your books on our site? You are welcome to use our button!


Hello! And thank you so much for your interest in having your book in our store!

Please read all of this information before you submit you work.


First things first, we probably sell your book online. If you search for it and can't find it, that means there is a problem with your distribution (see below).

This form is only to have your book on our physical shelves, on which there is very limited space.


We read each and every submission that we recieve, however due to the volume of submissions that we recieve, we do not respond to every one. Generally, you will only hear from us if we decide to stock your book, usually in about a month. We do not read every book that is submitted to us, oh that there were enough hours in the day for that.


Things to note:

We do not carry books that are available for free online.

Your book must be available for us to order through major US book distributors. If you are self-published, in order for us to carry your book, it must be available for us to orer on Ingram. No matter what platform you publish with, generally you need wide distribution settings to be enabled.

This space is for authors to submit their work directly. If you are a publisher/publicist/agent, you can email us directly with your latest catalogue.


Incomplete submission forms will be disregarded.

Please do not send books to the store unsolicited. We do not have time to read them and we don’t want anyone spending unnecessary money.