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Race in America (Mixed media product)

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A groundbreaking approach to thinking about race and racism today.

Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer, authors of The Racial Order, have written an undergraduate textbook on race relations for the twenty-first century. Every chapter of Race in America examines how racism intersects with other forms of social division—those based on gender, class, sexuality, ability, religion, and nationhood—as well as how whiteness surrounds us in unnamed ways that produce and reproduce a multitude of privileges for white people. Featuring a table of contents that is organized around race and racism in different aspects of social life, Race in America explores the connections between individual and institution, past and present, and the powerful and the powerless.

About the Author

Matthew Desmond is an assistant professor of sociology and social studies at Harvard University. He is the author of Evicted (forthcoming from Crown publishing), On the Fireline: Living and Dying with Wildland Firefighters (2007), and The Racial Order (co-authored with Mustafa Emirbayer, 2015).

Mustafa Emirbayer is professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. A past chair of the ASA Theory Section and winner of the Lewis Coser Award for Theoretical Agenda-Setting in Sociology, Emirbayer’s research includes historical studies on the teaching of morality and citizenship in American public schools and theoretical studies on race, social networks, culture, agency, collective emotions, the public sphere and civil society, revolutions and social movements, organizations, and democracy. He is the co-author (with Matthew Desmond) of The Racial Order (2015).
Product Details
ISBN: 9780393937657
ISBN-10: 0393937658
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: October 1st, 2015
Pages: 576
Language: English