The Teller of Small Fortunes (Paperback)

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A wandering fortune teller finds an unexpected family in this warm and wonderful debut fantasy, perfect for readers of Travis Baldree and Sangu Mandanna.

Tao is an immigrant fortune teller, traveling between villages with just her trusty mule for company. She only tells "small" fortunes: whether it will hail next week; which boy the barmaid will kiss; when the cow will calve. She knows from bitter experience that big fortunes come with big consequences…

Even if it’s a lonely life, it’s better than the one she left behind. But a small fortune unexpectedly becomes something more when a (semi) reformed thief and an ex-mercenary recruit her into their desperate search for a lost child. Soon, they’re joined by a baker with a knead for adventure, and—of course—a slightly magical cat.

Tao sets down a new path with companions as big-hearted as her fortunes are small. But as she lowers her walls, the shadows of her past are closing in—and she’ll have to decide whether to risk everything to preserve the family she never thought she could have.

About the Author

Julie Leong is a twenty-nine-year-old Chinese-Malaysian-American fantasy author. She grew up in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and lived in Beijing, China, for several years as a teenager. Her experiences of feeling too Asian for suburban America, and too American for China color her stories of identity and belonging. She studied economics and political science at Yale and now works at a startup, but she has always nurtured a deep love for sci-fi/fantasy beneath her corporate exterior. Julie lives in San Francisco, California, with her husband and their spoiled rescue pup, Kaya. When she’s not writing, she enjoys making unnecessary spreadsheets and flambéing things.

Praise For…

"Warm, welcoming, and endlessly inventive, The Teller of Small Fortunes feels like being invited in for tea with a dear friend (and expert storyteller!). An utter and complete delight to read."—Grace Li, New York Times bestselling author of Portrait of a Thief

"Lovely and sweet and comforting. But the most beautiful part was how it was not only about found family, but about finding your way back to your adventure, yet cozy and funny and sweet and poignant."—Quenby Olson, author of the Miss Percy series

"A wonderfully warm, cozy, and immersive fantasy adventure that left me brimming with happiness."—Stephanie Burgis, author of Wooing the Witch Queen

“A lovely cozy fantasy about tiny fortunes, baked goods, ugly cats, and all of the small things that matter.”—Olivia Atwater, author of Half a Soul

“A palate cleanser for crappy days...Leong creates a world resplendent with charm, gentleness, reconciliation and love. So much love! There were many joyous cathartic tears shed. I adored every minute of it and now must read everything Leong writes!”—A.Y. Chao, author of Shanghai Immortal

"Very funny and incredibly charming. I found it impossible not to fall in love with this crew. If you loved Legends & Lattes but wanted more plot and feels, this book is perfect for you. I adored it!"—Frances White, author of Voyage of the Damned

"The Teller of Small Fortunes is a charming delight. It's the book version of a warm cup of tea, with the perfect mix of adventure, found family, and heart. Also make sure you have some sweets on hand, because this story will give you some serious pastry cravings."—Amy Avery, author of The Longest Autumn

“Tao and her band of charismatic companions (four-legged friends included!) won my heart completely on this deeply endearing and entertaining fantasy road trip. Charming, relatable, and tender, The Teller of Small Fortunes will delight readers looking for their next cozy adventure.”—Maiga Doocy, author of Sorcery and Small Magics
"Sweet without ever turning saccharine, and it tackles serious topics without ever losing its sense of humour. An utterly delightful debut."—Genoveva Dimova, author of Foul Days
"Filled with philosophizing trolls, little magics, and delicious (if lumpy) baked goods, The Teller of Small Fortunes is like one of those lift-you-off-the-ground, ribcage-cracking hugs—dizzyingly delightful, a little painful, and so incredibly therapeutic. Do yourself the great kindness of reading this wrenching, warming, funny, thoughtful, cozy, life-affirming book. I finished it and felt more whole, and I hope you do, too."—Jules Arbeaux, author of Lord of the Empty Isles
“As comforting as the scent of freshly baked bread, this is a hug in book form and the perfect comfort read. Set in an endlessly charming world with characters you can't help but love, this is novel is whimsical, cozy perfection and I loved every second of it.”—Nadia El-Fassi, author of Best Hex Ever
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ISBN: 9780593815915
ISBN-10: 0593815912
Publisher: Ace
Publication Date: November 5th, 2024
Pages: 336
Language: English