Thor's Dragon Rider: Books 7 - 9 (Paperback)

Thor's Dragon Rider: Books 7 - 9 By Katrina Cope Cover Image
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Never upset the goddess of the under realms. The consequences are deadly.

Meeting Hel's impossible demand proves tricky while conducting a desperate search for the destructive and deadly Midgard serpent. At least Fenrir is securely restrained by the magic tether. Or so the gods believe.

Kara and her trusty dragon, Elan, combined with their friends, work hard to stop the looming threat of the monster siblings. Loki's behavior is confusing, leaving Kara on tenterhooks that his loyalty may change between Asgard and his children at a crucial point.

The World Tree is meant to be the bringer of life to the Norse realms, yet its link to the other worlds may be Asgard's undoing. Every occupant of Asgard fights to save their realm in the final battle of Ragnarok, but it's not enough. To survive, help from the other realms is needed, even from Asgard's enemies.

Thor's Dragon Rider series follows the story of a young wingless Valkyrie and her dragon. With their friends' support, they struggle to save Asgard using combat and magic they have not yet mastered.

This final omnibus edition of Thor's Dragon Rider contains books 7-9:




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Publisher: Cosy Burrow Books
Publication Date: August 11th, 2022
Pages: 564
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