Breaking Up With Babel: The Gospel of Sex, Dating, and Relating in a Culture of Confusion (Paperback)

Breaking Up With Babel: The Gospel of Sex, Dating, and Relating in a Culture of Confusion By Nikki Dent Cover Image
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When it comes to sex, dating, and relating, are we growing gardens or building towers?

The Garden of Eden provides us with a timeless vision for cultivating fruitful and healthy relationships. However, instead of growing gardens, the Tower of Babel promotes a humanistic culture that results in confusion and chaos. Babel may have been knocked down, but its lure remains, glowing as bright as our phone screens late at night.

There's no need for Christians to cave into confusing cultural trends. This hope-filled and captivating teaching provides a Scripture-based perspective on sex, dating, and romance that compels Christians to walk in purity and passion. By exploring a positive and powerful theology on sex and dating, Breaking Up with Babel presents a sexual gospel that outshines the humanistic messages of broken sexuality, pornography, sex outside of marriage, and digital dating in a Babel-weary world. God's people are called to live their most fruitful lives by answering questions such as:

  • How does sex affect our body, soul, and spirit?
  • Why should we wait until marriage to have sex?
  • Why is pornography terrible for our sex life?
  • How do we date biblically in a digital world?
  • Why do we need boundaries to have healthy relationships?
  • How can we be restored from heartache and brokenness?

Breaking Up with Babel is your guide to growing wholesome relationships. It's time to break up with Babel for good and return to the Garden.

About the author

Nikki Dent is a pastor, Bible teacher, and itinerant preacher who lives with her husband and three daughters on the East Coast of Australia. She has passionately taught on sex, dating, and relationships from a Christian worldview for ten years in Christian leadership academies, discipleship training schools, and young adult ministries. As a former youth pastor, she has over a decade of experience ministering to young people and providing biblical answers to their modern questions.

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Publisher: Breaking Up with Babel
Publication Date: February 20th, 2023
Pages: 236
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