The Harem (Paperback)

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They are erotic artists, trained to indulge their lovers' wildest wishes and most forbidden fantasies. And that is only the beginning. Now, in these scorching hot novellas, four ripe and ready concubines will discover the joys of getting what they give. . .

The Secret Door, Noelle Mack

Left to wander the glittering Topkapi palace by night, Yasmina falls into a magical dream, discovering a secret garden where a strong, dark-haired man wraps her in a sensual embrace, imploring her to unveil her body--and reveal her deepest desires. . .

The Pleasure Garden, Emma Leigh

Julia Martin awakens to find herself in the Forbidden City, where she will be trained in the ways of Tao lovemaking by a handsome, mysterious Englishman. As inhibitions and innocence fall away, a temptress is born--and master and student pursue an education in mutual pleasure. . .

East Meets West, Celia May Hart

Chandari's destiny is with the Maharajah, not with the lieutenant escorting her. But as temptation grows into a hunger neither can resist, two star-crossed lovers are willing to risk everything for stolen moments of sheer ecstasy. . .

A Lady's Pleasure, Melissa MacNeal

Ophelia Leeds is shocked to learn that her late lumber-baron husband also captained a floating pleasure palace with a bevy of beauties to entertain his wealthy friends. Now the comely widow has a plan of her own--to become mistress of the love boat and bring aboard a brawny harem of lumberjacks who are ready, willing, and more than able to please Ophelia--again and again. . .
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ISBN: 9780758215307
ISBN-10: 0758215304
Publisher: Aphrodisia
Publication Date: December 1st, 2006
Pages: 326
Language: English