Nostradamus Foresees Donald Trump, World War III and the Antichrist (Paperback)

Nostradamus Foresees Donald Trump, World War III and the Antichrist By Dylan Clearfield Cover Image
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Did Nostradamus foresee the rise of Donald Trump? Is it likely that a 16th century astrologer would pay any attention to a president of the United States? Yes, without a doubt. Why? Because Donald Trump in his first term in office set into motion the probable downfall of democracy and put in place the structure on which to build a Neo-Nazi autocratic state. This is critically important to the future of the entire world and Nostradamus would certainly have taken note of it. Did he also forecast Trump as being the 3rd Antichrist? And would Trump be somehow involved in the waging of World War III? These questions are answered in this book.

Unlike most other books about Nostradamus, this book is arranged so that the reader can easily find the pertinent predictions and not have to wade through hundreds of other non-related forecasts of future events. There are 3 categories: 1) the rise of Donald Trump, 2) identifying the coming Antichrist and 3) the start of World War III. Each section contains all of the relevant predictions that Nostradamus made on these topics.

Nostradamus knew the future - to a point. He also realized that the future is changeable and so he wrote of alternative possibilities as to who the Antichrist might be and how world war III might begin. But one of these forecasts will be the accurate one. And by reading this book you will be able to recognize the accurate forewarning when you see that the ongoing world events taking place fit one of the patterns that Nostradamus had laid out. You will be prepared for the coming disaster.

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ISBN: 9780930472641
ISBN-10: 0930472640
Publisher: G. Stempien Publishing Company
Publication Date: March 31st, 2022
Pages: 60
Language: English