Blast Off to Reading!: 50 Orton-Gillingham Based Lessons for Struggling Readers and Those with Dyslexia (Paperback)

Blast Off to Reading!: 50 Orton-Gillingham Based Lessons for Struggling Readers and Those with Dyslexia By Cheryl Orlassino Cover Image
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Blast Off to Reading is designed for children, ages 7-13, who are reading below grade level. This is for children who have dyslexia, speech delays, auditory processing disorder (APD), and other learning difficulties.

This multisensory, Orton-Gillingham based program will systematically teach your child to read starting from the most basic units of sounds to multi-syllable, complex words in just 50 lessons.

Each lesson includes a new sound or rule, followed by several exercises, which review concepts taught in the lesson as well as those taught previously. This provides the perfect blend of reading and writing with review. Your student will become aware of sounds and how they are put together to form words.

Why Use Blast Off to Reading

  • The program is highly structured, gradually building up on what was taught.
  • This program, while covering topics taught to younger students, is made for the maturity level of this age group (7-13).
  • The lessons are easy to implement, little to no lesson planning is needed.
  • This book is colorful, with large text and a simple layout that is created to be visually appealing to children.
  • There is an answer key included, so if you aren't sure, you can always check.
  • Spelling is also addressed.
  • The back of the book includes the complete phonics reference chart (all of the sounds taught) for a quick review or reference.
  • There are teaching tools and online activities to augment this program available at the Blast Off to Learning website.

Who Can Use This Program

  • Parents, family members, or anyone who can work with the child on a consistent basis.
  • Tutors - This program is easy to implement, just begin your session where you left off.
  • Teachers - This program can be used with small groups; however, it's recommended to use the lesson slides to present the lessons.
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Publisher: Blast Off to Learning Press
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2012
Pages: 274
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