The Cowboy and the Vampire: Blood and Whiskey (Paperback)

The Cowboy and the Vampire: Blood and Whiskey Cover Image
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Enlightenment just took a strange detour. Relationships are always hard, but for a broke cowboy and a newly turned vampire, true love may be murderous. Welcome to LonePine, Wyoming, population 438. It's like any other slowly dying town in the modern American West. Except it's suddenly lousy with vampires. Cultures clash as the vampire illuminati ride into town to settle ancient scores, test loyalties and thrash out a new world order. Grab the reins and hold on tight as Tucker and Lizzie stampede through rural America and across the vampire afterlife, desperate to protect their unlikely love as they are drawn ever deeper into the bloody world of the undead. Can the fragile relationship between a cowboy and a vampire survive lust, betrayal and country music? This is the second book in The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780983820055
ISBN-10: 0983820058
Publisher: Pumpjack Press
Publication Date: March 2014
Pages: 376
Language: English