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The young mother gazes contentedly at her newborn son as he takes his first meal at her breast. The long day of traveling has taken its toll on her. As she looks up, her eyes meet those of her loving husband. He has been such a source of strength for her during the last months. Brilliant starlight streams through a chink in the rustic stable roof illuminating the beautiful baby as he stops suckling for a moment and looks up at his mother's tender smile. Mary treasures that moment and will remember it 33 years later when that dear Son is suffering on a cruel Roman cross.

Breastfeeding was God's idea. He perfectly designed mothers to supply all of their babies' nutritional needs for the first few months of life. Although many how-to books exist to help nursing mothers, this is the first book to take a faith-based approach to every aspect of breastfeeding education and support. The author writes from her 27 years of experience as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant working in both the United States and South America. As a pastor's wife she brings a deep understanding of the Scriptural basis for breastfeeding, and as a lactation expert, she adds a thorough knowledge of breastfeeding basics, problems and solutions.

Each chapter begins with a key verse followed by a relatable story from a real-life mother. Useful tips abound for everything from prenatal preparation to first feed to weaning and relactation. Mothers who face special challenges will appreciate the chapter devoted to their situation. A chapter specifically for Dad as well as one written to the grandmother make this book even more unique among breastfeeding manuals. The final chapter focuses on the keys that help a mother be truly outstanding: unconditional love, a lifelong relationship of trust, and unceasing prayer for your child.
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ISBN: 9780998488226
ISBN-10: 0998488224
Publisher: Inspired Design & Graphics
Publication Date: April 30th, 2023
Pages: 152
Language: English