DreamWalker (Dragon's Children #3) (Paperback)

DreamWalker (Dragon's Children #3) By Natli Vanderwerken Cover Image
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Dragons are compelled by their king to withdraw to Dragon Lands or be bound away from even the knowledge of their magic. A warrior in her own right, Weapons Master Aeden must transform into her Dragon form when Demons attack the Keep and almost kill her. That transformation breaks the chains keeping magic bound.

As the only daughter of the Duke of Red Dragon's Keep, Breanna Arach is spoiled and always gets her way. With a Demon War looming and her parents kidnapped, she chooses a sentient Sword of Light and trains with Aeden to use it in defense of her home.

Breanna discovers her gift: she's a DreamWalker.

Walking in dreams can kill you. It can kill the people you love.

Breanna is sent as an ambassador to the desert kingdom of Fasach. On the way, she's joined by a legendary sandcat and attacked by Demons. Spells take her voice and Demon spells almost kill her.

Can she grow with the help of a young Dragon assigned to guard her and her good friend Marta? Will Breanna learn to control her temper and her belligerence? Can she survive battles with Demons and the City of Silence. Can she find the Fasach Amulet and live?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780999175064
ISBN-10: 0999175068
Publisher: Zenith Star Publishing, Sp
Publication Date: October 4th, 2023
Pages: 370
Language: English
Series: Dragon's Children