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That's my last duchess painted on the wall…

Seduced by the hot sun and blinding passions of Renaissance Italy, sixteen-year-old Lucrezia de' Medici sees a gilded life stretching ahead. Her wealthy new husband handpicked her to be his bride, and his great castle in Ferrara will be her playground. But Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara quickly proves to be just as dangerous and mysterious as he is dark and handsome, and the stone walls of the castle seem to trap Lucrezia like a prison.

Only the duke's lover Francesca seems able to tame his increasing fury, as his desperate need to produce an heir drives him deep into precarious obsession. With her head full of heartbroken dreams, Lucrezia flees from him down a dangerous path that may cost her everything.

Step into the elegant world of the Robert Browning poem "My Last Duchess," as imagined by Gabrielle Kimm, where she brings to life the passions and people of sixteenth-century Tuscany and Ferrara. It is a chilling story of forbidden love and dark decadence that will haunt you.

About the Author

Gabrielle Kimm is a graduate of the creative writing master's program at the University of Chichester. She is also the author of His Last Duchess. www.gabriellekimm.co.uk

Praise For…

"A saucy account of Lucrezia de’ Medici’s ill-fated marriage, inspired by Robert Browning’s poem "My Last Duchess." — Kirkus Reviews

"Passion, heartbreak, illicit affairs and sorrow makes this a must read – fabulous!" — Lou Graham’s Blog

"Gabrielle Kimm rivals authors like Philippa Gregory and Jean Plaidy with her descriptive historical romantic style-especially where intrigue lies. " — Boulder Books Examiner

"I immensely enjoyed this novel and very highly recommend it – guaranteed to please." — History and Women

"His Last Duchess has some wonderfully poignant moments, some very suspenseful moments and a great villain (her husband.) This is a well written historical fiction book, rich in detail and if you like this genre, you'll love His Last Duchess." — Kay’s Blog

"His Last Duchess" is a unique novel in historical fiction. This is the kind of novel that will leave you feeling a range of emotions. One thing is for sure, you won't want to put it down!" — Pittsburgh Historical Fiction Examiner

"Kimm neatly ties up all the loose ends while cleverly setting the stage for a spin-off. Poetry enthusiasts will be intrigued and historical fiction fans will appreciate the authentic Renaissance-era detailing." — Booklist

"The plot of this luscious tale intensifies with every page turn as the characters converge to an exciting climax. The tension mounts with every chapter, keeping me interested until the end. And who cannot resist a tale of love and lust sprinkled with the madness and desperation of an evil antagonist set in the luscious background of the Renaissance? I immensely enjoyed this novel and very highly recommend it – guaranteed to please." — Historical Novels Review Blog

"I think all historical fiction fans will find this to be a worthwhile read. Step into the passions of sixteenth century. Follow a story of forbidden love and darkness that will haunt you." — Eva’s Sanctuary

"I will say no more about the plot: your coffee will go cold reading this novel and I don’t want to give anything away. Integral to its pace is the balance within its characters; there are no cardboard stereotypes here. Complex psychology is demonstrated in dialogue and actions appropriate to the period (to some extent Alfonso is a product of his time), but they are essentially, deeply human and in that sense are timeless." — Words in the Treehouse

" I, personally, cannot wait to see what Gabrielle Kimm has next to offer." — Luxury Reading

"It had lovely prose and was full of romance and suspense." — Readin and Dreamin

"The book is well researched, well written with subtlety blended plot lines that will have you routing for Lucrezia as the book nears the end. It's a compelling read that I certainly think can't fail to please. I thoroughly recommend this as a very readable, enjoyable, and illustrative book about this famous family." — Books by the Willow Tree

"There are so many twists and turns that the reader will have a hard time figuring out how this one will end." — Debbie’s Book Bag

"His Last Duchess will grab you and be prepared for the twisted moments artfully crafted by Gabrielle Kimm. Trust me you don’t want to miss this chilling tale from Renaissance Italy. The strokes of darkness and love combined make this a MUST READ! " — Aisle B

"This strong first novel is marked by well-developed, memorable protagonists and a pacing that quickens and builds readers' anxiety as the story progresses. " — Library Journal
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ISBN: 9781402261510
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Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Publication Date: October 1st, 2011
Pages: 416
Language: English