The Treacherous Selfie: Be Careful of What You Ask in Prayer (Hardcover)

The Treacherous Selfie: Be Careful of What You Ask in Prayer Cover Image
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Simon Northstrum, the primary software engineer for the Martian rovers, is beginning to lose faith in God. Then he learns that answered prayers and granted wishes can bring unintended consequences. Beings known as the Dominion choose Simon to be their human vessel, using him to remind humankind why we exist. They have determined that cell phones impede humans from listening to our souls' stories, which they helped create before we were born. The Dominion seek to teach humanity that we are all connected to one another and are intended to master life lessons. News anchors Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum are the harbingers of the Dominion's invasion, helping humankind to see how every thought, word, and action causes ripples throughout the world. Something may seem inconsequential to us but can cause a tsunami for others. Simon must examine where he stands in his life story, and he must get people all over the world to put their phones down so we can connect soulfully with one another and discover true character. This novel tells the story of a man chosen to lead humanity away from its electronics-saturated existence and build new, purposeful lives.

About the Author

John Milan Dudeff is a husband, father, grandfather, entrepreneur and former publisher and developer of a web-based student mentoring program. His first published writing was as a high school freshman when he was a winner of the New England United Nations Essay Award. Now, fifty years later, he has made time to finish and update a story he began writing several years ago. With a theme of benevolence in a world where "self" has infected society more than any virus or disease, he tells of one man's sacrifice to help many. The theme of benevolence holds true for any age and is the cure for a world so infected with "self."
Product Details
ISBN: 9781489734457
ISBN-10: 1489734457
Publisher: Liferich
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Pages: 518
Language: English