Unexplained: Real-Life Supernatural Stories for Uncertain Times (Paperback)

Unexplained: Real-Life Supernatural Stories for Uncertain Times By Richard MacLean Smith Cover Image
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Chilling stories of unexplained events, perfect for true crime fans!

In every corner of this earth there are secrets. They are hidden in the dark edge of the woods, nestled in the cold stars, and staring out from a stranger's eyes. And whether they be demonic possession or an unsolved murder, the unknown has always haunted our dreams.

From the hit podcast Unexplained comes a volume perfectly crafted for the curious, the cynical, and the not-easily-frightened. Richard Maclean Smith is the expert in the unknown, and humbly offers up ten tales of real-life events that continue to evade explanation. With these chilling stories comes the missing key: a connection to our own beliefs in science, superstition, and perception.

From cryptic accounts of spectral sightings to peculiar tales of time anomalies, Smith delves into each case with meticulous research, thoughtful insights, and a respectful approach. Unexplained encourages readers to question the boundaries of our understanding, proving that reality can be more extraordinary than we ever imagined.

Embark on this gripping journey into the unknown with Unexplained: Supernatural Stories for Uncertain Times.

Key Features:

  • Thought-Provoking: Challenges readers to question their understanding of reality and embrace the inexplicable.
  • Well-Researched: Offers meticulously researched accounts of paranormal phenomena and unexplained events.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Features a narrative style that is both engaging and respectful, based on the popular Unexplained podcast.
  • Wide Range of Topics: Explores a diverse range of phenomena from spectral sightings to time anomalies.
  • Cultural Perspective: Includes historical, cultural, and scientific context for each story, adding depth to the mystery.

About the Author

Richard MacLean Smith, part-Scottish and part-English is a writer and creator of the podcast Unexplained. Declared Best of iTunes 2016 and acclaimed by the Guardian and Financial Times, Unexplained has been streamed worldwide over 16 million times reaching #2 in the US, UK and Canadian iTunes charts.

Praise For…

"Gripping stories that lead you through that undefined space between imagination, subconscious, and somewhere more terrifying – definitely one to read with all the lights on!" — Edward Brooke-Hitching, author of The Phantom Atlas

"Unsolved mysteries and strange events fill these pages and there is something for anyone with eerie interests." — The Nerdy Girl Express

"I really enjoyed the back story and the in-depth detail it went into regarding each of the cases. There is also a lot of author explanation and discussion that I enjoyed, as I feel like a lot of these things are easily dismissed by those who range from highly skeptical to just not sure how to feel about it. Maclean Smith does a good job of talking people through the different happenings and stories and helping them see why there might be more than something that can be so easily dismissed." — Reading For Sanity
Product Details
ISBN: 9781492697718
ISBN-10: 1492697710
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 368
Language: English