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THE SEXSCAPADES is a collection of short sexually intense and erotic stories that will fuel discussions in magazines, social gatherings, and morning and late night radio shows. The collection of graphic sexual stories stem from encounters that arise through the normal cycle of life; all told from a younger college educated black male's point of view. The title, along with the short story in itself is designed to not only arouse but to include the reader, giving them a vivid picture but in the process taking them inside of how an adventure develops; how it even begins, and the meaning behind it. The Sexscapades show how a chance or planned meeting ends in a sexual act; acts such as a one night stand, sex at the office, sex and sports, sexual fantasies, sex with former lovers, good-bye sex, accidental sex, sex with an older woman, and sex with a second cousin. ?I have had ice cream and cake, which is good. I have had ice cream and warm apple pie, which is even better; but the best combination I ever had was ice cream, a camera, and favor thirty-one. It was fun; it was filling, definitely creamy, and definitely a therapeutic first. It all began when I received another request from a friend in prison. Favor number thirty was somewhat different; it did not involve sending money, buying something for someone, or visiting the prison. My good friend asked me to take sexual photos of his ex-girlfriend, Mia, and send them to him. That was favor thirty? -31 FAVORS AND ICE CREAM ?After they both fell asleep together, they never spent more than a day apart. ?That is deep, ? said Karl. ?Ivory, ? pausing to recall, ? Ivory, that's the same Ivory he married You got it, so, you do what you feel, but I just wanted you to know, there are two sides to stories like yours, ? I added. With that, Karl realized he had found his soul mate, after a night that's still standing.? - ONE NIGHT STILL STANDING ?Sarah and I began seeing more of each other on a regular basis until after graduation, when she received a job offer out West. Since she was from California and most of her family was there, she seldom came back East. We stayed in contact via e-mail and text messages, but in the end, long division disrupted the formula we developed. Once we subtracted sex and added distance, the relationship got complicated, just like most arithmetic is.? -CHINESE ARITHMETI.
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ISBN: 9781496910080
ISBN-10: 1496910087
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: June 5th, 2014
Pages: 88
Language: English