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The Strange Visitation at Wolffe Hall (Grayson Sherbrooke's Otherworldly Adventures #1) (MP3 CD)

The Strange Visitation at Wolffe Hall (Grayson Sherbrooke's Otherworldly Adventures #1) Cover Image
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The year is 1841 and Grayson Sherbrooke, a popular author of gothic paranormal mysteries, lives on the coast of Northern England with his 4-year-old-son, Pip. He's asked by a neighboring little girl, P.C., to come to Wolffe Hall because something terrible is threatening her and her mother. She's come to Grayson because she's confused him with his fictional hero, Thomas Straithmore, who overcomes all obstacles and always triumphs over otherworldly evil. Thus, to her mind, Thomas is the only one to save them. She describes the house shaking with terrifying tremors and a huge black hole she calls the Abyss appearing in the entrance hall. She also knows the menace involves her great grandfather, known as The Great. He's obsessed with collecting and returning the famous Waterloo medals to the soldiers of the great battle of 1815, but he refuses to tell anyone why he's doing it. Grayson is soon embroiled in a mystery involving a wrongful death on the battlefield at Waterloo and a paranormal force that threatens the very lives of those living in Wolffe Hall.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781511323451
ISBN-10: 1511323450
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: August 1st, 2015
Language: English
Series: Grayson Sherbrooke's Otherworldly Adventures