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Paul's writings are central and important not only for the establishment of the Christian faith, but also for the entire history of the Early Christian Church. The study of Paul's person, his letter and his theology an be stimulating, and a challenging reading effort. Paul of Tarsus is an introduction designed for students, pastors, and laymen. P. Coutsoumpos seeks to expand Paul's essential message. Seeking to situate the study of the Apostle in a proper perspective. Coutsoumpos first looks into the contours of Paul's personal life, before and after his encounter with the risen Christ. Then, he looks at each of Paul's letters independently and, lastly, emphasizes the central elements of his theological belief. Paul of Tarsus is an appealing and accessible book that places Paul within his historical and theological context. Panayotis Coutsoumpos, PhD. The University of Sheffield, England. He is an adjunct professor of Biblical, and New Testament Studies at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico. He is the author of several books and published many articles in professional journals. He has published several books: ""Paul and the Lord's Supper,"" in Spanish ""Comunidad, Conflicto y Eucaristia en La Corinto Romana."" More recently, Coutsoumpos has published the book ""Paul, Corinth, and the Roman Empire."" He currently lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.
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