Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey Into the Sacred (Paperback)

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Meditations with Teresa of Avila invites you to explore the depths of your inner being by following the pathway of the beloved mystic Teresa of Avila. Born into Spanish nobility in 1515, Teresa entered the monastic life at twenty and was eventually guided to reform the Carmelite Order. She blended a rich mystical inner life with everyday work in the secular world, and she remains an unparalleled source of inspiration for living deeply and effectively in both realms.

Always concerned with the practical application of her beliefs, Teresa sought to understand what her visions and experiences meant and whether she was doing all she could. Rejected by many of her contemporaries, she struggled against the many male clerics who tried to invalidate her mystical experiences. Her spiritual exploration formed the basis of the prolific body of writing she left to the world.

Megan Don makes Teresa's timeless wisdom fully contemporary through translations of Teresa's words followed by practical interpretations and brief, inviting meditations. In this award-winning book, Teresa of Avila and Don guide you to explore the voice of the Beloved and knowledge of the self, the restlessness of the mind and the care of the body, doubt, loss, intimacy, and more.

About the Author

Megan Don has studied comparative religions, Jungian psychology, and for many years, the Christian mystical tradition. She is a spiritual director, a retreat presenter, and leads pilgrimages to Avila, Spain, and other sacred sites in Europe. Megan devotes herself to awakening the mystic within humanity and teaches an embodied spirituality that honors all traditions.

Praise For…

A rare book, destined to become a spiritual classic, as St. Teresa’s impassioned soul resonates through its pages to enliven the reader’s soul.”
Leonard Laskow, MD, author of Healing with Love

This fine, clear book...[guides] the reader along the path of Teresa’s Interior Castle, the inner mystical journey to and with God. Many readers will enjoy and praise...her conviction that the mystery of divine indwelling [is] available to all people.’”
Library Journal

We have long needed someone to bring Teresa of Avila out of the rarefied air and into the world that we all inhabit. This is where Teresa herself lived, where the Gospel lives, and where Megan Don is leading us.”
Richard Rohr, OFM, founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation and author of The Naked Now

This is a book about vocation, about one’s calling and the depths of our response to it....It illustrates how Teresa and we can navigate that work of life and love born of oneness.”
Matthew Fox, author of Christian Mystics

In a time when people are starved for interior nourishment and pragmatic spiritual direction, Meditations with Teresa of Avila is a balm for the soul, an oasis for the spirit.”
Gail Straub, author of Returning to My Mother’s House

Guaranteed to deepen the spiritual experience and enrich the daily life of any spiritual seeker.”
Reverend Mary Omwake, Unity minister

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