Control, Influence, Accept (For Now): Coping with a Future No One Can Predict (Hardcover)

Control, Influence, Accept (For Now): Coping with a Future No One Can Predict By Dan Moore Cover Image
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Prepare for the future from the inside out.

How keen is your self-knowledge? Who influences your understanding of others? When was the last time you really concentrated on your purpose, your resilience, your perspective? And what in the world is polvo?

In Control, Influence, Accept(FN), author Dan Moore guides you on an antic journey of self-reflection with a very serious goal: to help you cultivate your inner-self who will be ready for whatever the universe throws at you—the obvious and the odious.

From his days selling books door-to-door in the Arizona desert to trying Portuguese delicacies under the watchful eyes of his would-be in-laws, Moore has lived a life just on the edge of the ordinary . . . and he has extracted extraordinary insights from every colorful experience. In hilarious, everyman language, Moore describes his own inflection points and shows you how personal growth will help you get through when getting out simply isn’t an option.

In a world where the only constant is change, Dan Moore thinks you owe it to yourself to set positive patterns for the one and only asset you can actually control—you. No one knows what the future holds. Your best preparation is in the self you bring along.

About the Author

A New Mexico native, born and raised in Los Alamos, Dan began his career in 1974 with the Southwestern Advantage sales and leadership program while attending Harvard University. Moore paid his tuition by selling Southwestern Advantage products door-to-door. Upon graduating from Harvard with honors at the age of twenty, Dan was promoted to district sales manager. He continued his academic success by obtaining his MBA from Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, where he was an honors graduate and class speaker.

Among other roles with Southwestern Family of Companies, Moore served as SWA vice president of marketing and was credited with modernizing the company’s sales school, product line, and mission. In 2007, he was named president of Southwestern Advantage, where he served until retiring in January 2023. Over the course of his forty-nine-year career, Dan has trained over 100,000 people on how to lead, sell, and achieve their life goals. His greatest advice for students is, “Have a why that’s focused on a cause that’s bigger than yourself.”

Dan is a frequent lecturer at colleges and universities across North America and Europe and has traveled to fifty-nine countries. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at Owen Graduate School of Business and has hosted TEDx Nashville.

In his spare time, Dan plays guitar and piano. He prioritizes health, fitness, and yoga. Dan completed twenty-four half-marathons after age fifty-one and the New York City Marathon when he was fifty-six, finishing in the top half of 46,000 runners.

Dan and his wife, Maria, currently live in Nashville, TN.

Praise For…

“Dan Moore is one of the world’s best at motivating and inspiring others. He has taught thousands how to believe in themselves and reach their fullest potential. In Control, Influence, Accept (For Now), Moore uses masterful and relatable storytelling to convey actionable advice in a quick and digestible format. Worth your time!”
— Kelly Breslin Wright, Founder of Culture Driven Sales, Board Director, and Former EVP Sales at Tableau Software

“Dan Moore has authored a profoundly insightful road map for managing professional and personal growth in the face of unprecedented social and economic change. Control, Influence, Accept (For Now) is engagingly written, and readers will be equipped to successfully navigate a future characterized by uncertainty and unpredictability with newfound optimism, confidence, and peace.”
— Steven S. Posavac, Ph.D., E. Bronson Ingram Professor of Marketing, Faculty Director

“Door-to-door book salesman, corporate president, and motivational speaker Dan Moore has packed more than fifty years of wit, wisdom, and war stories into this wonderfully entertaining, powerfully argued, and genuinely inspiring new book. It teaches us how to live healthier, happier, and more purposeful lives in the face of a future that remains radically uncertain. It deserves to be read and reread, put into practice, and passed on to those whose lives we would like to influence.”
— Michael Naas, Professor of Philosophy, DePaul University, Southwestern Book Salesman, 1978–1982

“We don’t need to live in fear of the unknown when there’s a wealth of knowledge available to us on how to flourish in chaos. Going miles deeper than the usual ‘believe in yourself!’ mantra you’ll find in self-help, Dan uses psychology, history, and wildly entertaining stories to draw the reader in and give them compelling and practical ways to cope with life’s obstacles. I highly recommend this book to any human being who wants to stand tall in the storms of life with a big goofy smile on their face.” 
— Sarah Maddack Bell, Artist, Songwriter, and Influencer

“Dan Moore has powerfully motivated multitudes, both one-on-one and in group meetings. Control, Influence, Accept (For Now) shows he is equally inspiring with the written word. This is a book to read throughout your life. It would have helped me immeasurably when I was starting out and today it is making me a better me.”
— Marty Fridson, author of Unwarranted Intrusions, which the Boston Globe said should be short-listed for best business book of the decade

“In our ever-connected and AI-driven world, more than ever, we need to control what we can, influence the world around us, and accept what we can’t—for now. Dan’s firsthand experience of turning principles into action has guided thousands of entrepreneurs to succeed in business and their personal lives. Control, Influence, Accept (For Now) is a must-read!”
— Mark Palmer, named by TIME as A Technology Pioneer Who Will Change Your Life

“I find it helpful to every now and then take stock of my own development, do a SWOT analysis of my strategic plan for personal success, and check my attitude. Dan Moore’s insightful book is a complete, thorough and entirely enjoyable read filled with excellent questions necessary to ask one’s self to get the answers you need to take control, flex your boundaries, and boost your resilience. In this challenging and transformative era of change, I give my full-throated endorsement of this timely and much-needed book written by my friend and mentor, Dan Moore.”  
— Maryanne Howland, Founder and CEO, Ibis Communications and Global Diversity Leadership Exchange
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ISBN: 9781637632383
ISBN-10: 163763238X
Publisher: Southwestern Books
Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: English