Little Spark of Life: A Celebration of Born and Preborn Human Life (Hardcover)

Little Spark of Life: A Celebration of Born and Preborn Human Life By Courtney Siebring, Camila Carrossine (Illustrator) Cover Image
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"Little Spark of Life has quickly become one of my children's favorite books to pick up and read at bedtime. I personally love how it is a teaching tool but also shows them the value and dignity of God's Creation in the womb." —Abby Johnson, bestselling author of Unplanned; founder of And Then There Were None

A new baby is coming! It's time to celebrate! With exciting rhymes and vibrant illustrations Little Spark of Life will help families get ready and learn more about the miracle of life.

All children are a gift from the Lord — fearfully and wonderfully made! In a safe and cozy family setting, author Courtney Siebring tells the whole story of how every "little spark" grows into a one-of-a-kind, wonderful creation of human life. She explains how every detail — boy or girl, blue eyes or brown, curly or straight hair — is set in place from the very beginning, and how week by week the baby inside Mom grows and changes until Baby is finally ready to be born! Little Spark of Life:
  • Is the perfect book for big brothers and sisters ages 4-8 getting ready for a new baby to come
  • Makes a wonderful gift for baby showers
  • Provides parents, grandparents, and caregivers a wonderful narrative to help explain the miracle of life
  • Supports the value of life messaging and the worth of every child
  • Gives a biblical perspective and Christian worldview regarding when life begins and the wonder of human development
  • A valuable resource for homeschooling families, librarians, children's ministers, Sunday school teachers, and Christian school educators
It's never too early to impart little ones with respect and love for the Creator, and every single life in his care! Little Spark of Life demonstrates the great love that families can share in together as they embark on the journey to welcome a new baby, and will provide a wonderful platform for conversation about just how much every child is needed, loved, and uniquely valued.

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About the Author

Courtney Siebring is a creative artist currently living in Colorado Springs, CO, with her husband and daughter.  Her devotion to Christ, background in theatre making, current work as a voiceover artist, and long time practice of writing poetry informs the way she sees and interacts with the world.  Her children's book, Little Spark of Life, is fueled by her passion for the unborn and their mamas as well as her experience as a foster and adoptive parent.  

Camila Carrossine is Brazilian and lives in São Paulo. She has been drawing since she was a little girl and grew up with pencils and paper. Camila then went onto graduate in Fine Arts and also studied Art Direction. Camila considers herself a visual storyteller and loves to mix traditional and digital techniques in her illustrations. She divides her time between children’s book projects and animated films. And she loves books, traveling, and walking barefoot.

Praise For…

"Little Spark of Life has quickly become one of my children's favorite books to pick up and read at bedtime. I personally love how it is a teaching tool but also shows them the value and dignity of God's Creation in the womb." —Abby Johnson, bestselling author of Unplanned; founder of And Then There Were None

"Paraclete’s Little Spark of Life: A Celebration of Born and Pre-born Human Life by Courtney Siebring (out now) is a rhyming baby-on-the-way book promising 'a biblical perspective and Christian worldview regarding when life begins,' according to the publisher." —Publishers Weekly

"As the leaves take on bold colors before falling from the trees, we’re reminded of life’s passing beauty, but also await the hope of new life that each Spring brings. Little Spark of Life is a new pro-life children’s book that captures the wonder of that profound miracle. This heartwarming story provides vibrant illustrations of a father and mother walking their child through the pregnancy of their preborn sibling. Balancing whimsy with scientific facts, this book thoroughly details the many milestones achieved during the weeks of pregnancy–from cells dividing, to perceiving light and sound. This is a must-have-read for parents and children, whether welcoming a new sibling or just wanting to explore the beauty of life in the womb!" —Catholic Vote

"Ideal for the 'bigs,' the brothers and sisters who wait and wonder!" —National Catholic Register

"This book provides parents with a beautiful way of reminding their children that they are perfectly and divinely made and that their lives had purpose long before their first cry! May our children know that everyone’s life is a miracle from the very first spark!" —Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life

"Little Spark of Life beautifully communicates the value of every life, no matter how small. This is a great resource for parents who want to help their children understand the valuable truth that every person is an image bearer of God and has dignity, value and worth." —Lauren Green McAfee, Founder, Stand for Life & Author of Beyond Our Control  

"As an adopted child and a former foster and adoptive mother, Courtney's beautiful book brought me to the most joyful tears! Little Spark of Life is an inspired reminder for children—and the child in each of us—that God created us for a distinct purpose, and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made." —Diane Ferraro, CEO, Save the Storks 

"With a perfect blend of science and heart, Little Sparks of Life is my go-to book to celebrate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of each child and every life. This book teaches children that their life is intentionally created with value, creativity and infinite worth. I want to buy this book for every expecting big brother and big sister I know." —Esther Fleece, bestselling author of No More Faking Fine and Your New Name  

"Little Spark of Life will help you explain the ongoing transformation of your baby in the womb. Kids will learn how every child bears the image of God from the moment of conception. They’ll see the growth milestones along the way – heartbeat, brain development, facial features and more. What a great resource to help siblings prepare for a new brother or sister!" —Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

"Little Spark of Life is the delightful story of a mother telling her son about his unborn sister's development. Colorful, imaginative illustrations bring the mother's descriptions of growth in the womb to life. This charming book is a perfect way to introduce the pro-life message to a young child—I look forward to sharing it with my own children!" —Emily Yocum, Executive Direction, Orthodox Christians for Life

"With endearing illustrations and lilting rhyme, Little Spark of Life by Courtney Siebring, is a beautiful introduction to the wonder and miracle of conception through birth through the lens of a mother conversing with her pre-school aged child as they expectantly await the birth of a new baby.  It’s a lovely introduction and reminder of the sanctity of life." —Laura Sassi, author of multiple books for young children including the My Tender Heart series, Goodnight Ark and more
"A sweet rhyming read-aloud to help young children appreciate the hidden development of the child in the womb, emphasizing that it was all designed by God." —Barb Szyszkiewicz, Editor,

"This book is a reminder to us all--young and old--that we are uniquely made in the image of God. Courtney has written a beautiful story that will inspire every little reader to know their identity in Christ and how much God loves them! Every child should have this book on their shelf!" —Amy Ford, President, Embrace Grace, and author of Help Her Be Brave
  "A wonderful little book full of beautiful illustrations which will go a long way to foster a culture of life among our children." —Eilís Mulroy, Pro Life Campaign (Ireland)
  "What a joyful, kid-friendly introduction to how babies grow and develop before they're born! Little Spark of Life gives lots for families to explore and celebrate—great for 'sparking' deeper conversations with curious kids." —Valerie Ellis, children's author and founder of Our Everyday Parables
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ISBN: 9781640608665
ISBN-10: 1640608664
Publisher: Paraclete Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English