The Unrighteous Son (Paperback)

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Matilda Ashby has seen the monsters that lurk in the shadows of Manhattan-and within the walls of her family business. While creatures of myth aren't hunting her anymore, she can't say the same for Samson, her former bodyguard, after a photograph of the telepath in danger finds its way to her desk. Desperate to save him, Matilda dusts off her Manolos and ventures back into the supernatural world, a world she wanted nothing more than to leave behind.

However, Matilda isn't the only one searching for Samson. Necromancers, sent by Samson's former boss, are hot on her heels, and her MBA curriculum didn't include a course on how to kill them. So, in order to save Samson, she'll have to trust former enemies-and her instincts-to get him back.

But in a world where being human is a weakness and being kind is a liability, Matilda isn't sure how she can succeed in saving him, especially when her brother, and the family business, needs her too.

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ISBN: 9781648981999
ISBN-10: 1648981992
Publisher: City Owl Press
Publication Date: June 18th, 2022
Pages: 346
Language: English