One Fine Day: Britain's Empire on the Brink (Compact Disc)

One Fine Day: Britain's Empire on the Brink By Matthew Parker, Ben Onwukwe (Read by) Cover Image
By Matthew Parker, Ben Onwukwe (Read by)
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This critical historical exploration shows a portrait of the British Empire at both the peak of its global reach--and the moment it began to topple. September 29, 1923. Once the Palestine Mandate officially takes effect, the British Empire--now covering a quarter of the world's land and boasting a population of 460 million--is the largest the world has ever seen. But it is also an empire in rapid transition. Nationalist and Pan-African movements are gaining momentum throughout West Africa, thanks as much to Marcus Garvey as to the sustained efforts of local activists and politicians. On far-flung Ocean Island in the Pacific, highly profitable phosphate extraction threatens to render the land uninhabitable for its native population--and colonial officials are torn between their integrity and their careers. And in India, Jawaharlal Nehru and fellow nationalists wonder despairingly about the future of the independence movement as Gandhi languishes in prison. Moving from London to Kuala Lumpur, Australia to the West Indies, One Fine Day is a breathtaking and unflinching tour of the British Empire at its pinnacle. Here the Empire is at its biggest; but it is on a precipice, beset with debts and doubts as liberation movements emerge to undo the colonial era, and see the sun set on the Empire.
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ISBN: 9781668638897
ISBN-10: 1668638894
Publisher: Public Affairs
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
Language: English