How to Raise a Conservative Daughter (Paperback)

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"An essential resource for any parent, educator, or citizen looking for help in raising a child with conservative values." —MARK LEVIN

Michelle’s wisdom as a longtime activist, mom, and mentor to young women is needed now more than ever!” —RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY, Fox News Contributor

Raising a daughter is hard. Raising her to be a conservative can seem impossible. In a long career devoted to equipping the next generation of conservative women for leadership, Michelle Easton has worked with thousands of students and young professionals. Their backgrounds are as varied as America itself, but in each girl’s life, something went right. How to Raise a Conservative Daughter is an invaluable guide to what works.

It’s foolish to pretend that the challenges aren’t enormous. Toxic social media, radical indoctrination in schools, an entertainment industry that panders to our lowest cravings—the cultural forces arrayed against your family are terrifying. But you are not helpless.

Parents sometimes don’t know what to do, and often they simply don’t do what they know. It is possible, Easton shows, to nurture lasting values in your daughter. Her tested—and sometimes counter-intuitive—techniques will strengthen your daughter’s heart and mind.

Ronald Reagan warned, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” And today, the tragically common lament of parents is, “We don't know what happened, but one day we realized our daughter had rejected our most precious values.” There are no guarantees, but savvy, determined, and loving parents have more than a fighting chance of raising the wives, mothers, and leaders our country so desperately needs.

About the Author

MICHELLE EASTON is the founder and presi-dent of the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women (, which prepares young women for leader-ship in policy, civil society, and the family. The mother of three grown sons, she has hundreds of “daughters” whom she has helped launch into productive and fulfilling adulthood.

A lawyer and laborer in the conservative movement since the early 1970s, Easton worked through all twelve years of the Reagan-Bush administrations, including in presidential appointments in the Educa-tion Department. She lives in Virginia and Florida with her husband, Ron Robinson.
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