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True Crime Case Histories - Volume 1: 8 Disturbing True Crime Stories (True Crime Collection) (Paperback)

True Crime Case Histories - Volume 1: 8 Disturbing True Crime Stories (True Crime Collection) Cover Image
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Eight True Crime Stories of Murder & MayhemFirst Book of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2019)
A quick word of warning. The true crime short stories within this book are unimaginably gruesome. Most news stories, television crime shows and true crime documentaries tend to leave out the most horrible details about murder cases simply because they are too extreme for the general public.

I have done my best to include full details of these stories no matter how sickening they may be. In these true crime stories you'll find that truth really is more strange and vastly more disturbing than fiction.

In my first book as a true crime author I've started with a few of the stories that have haunted me for some time. Some of these stories are unbelievable in their brutality while others are astounding in the stupidity of the killers.

You'll find a story of a religious evangelical christian who would rather strangle his wife and two young boys than lose his prominent job with the church.

Then there's the story of a man that fills his wife's orifices with grease so she will be flammable from the inside.

There's the story of the small-town doctor that goes through the unbelievable lengths of performing surgery on himself to avoid going to jail for raping his patients.

Plus there're more stories of Serial Killers terrorizing cities and crime scenes that bring investigators and seasoned police to tears.

This collection of stories are from all around the globe and have no common thread between them other than that they are both thought provoking and disturbing.

The stories included in this anthology are dark and creepy and will leave you with a new understanding of just how fragile the human mind can be.

The stories include: Fred Grabbe, James Patterson Smith, Dr. John Schneeberger, Chris Coleman, Michelle Bica, Mary Bell, Graham Dwyer, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris (The Toolbox Killers).

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True Crime Case Histories Volume 2 is coming September 2019 featuring 12 more short stories of; True Crime, Murder & Mayhem, Serial Killer Biographies, and True Murder Case Files.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781689157780
ISBN-10: 168915778X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 29th, 2019
Pages: 136
Language: English