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Dante and The Dark Seed (Hardcover)

Dante and The Dark Seed Cover Image
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Dante & The Dark Seed is the first book in a series about humanity's infinite potential, told through the lens of the lead characters, Dante Luciano, an Empath and Dawayne Long, a Psychopath. Their relationship with their mothers couldn't be any different, and of course we all know that all serial killers have mommy issues. Dawayne is no different, and while his mother is rarely around, Dante's mother is no longer of this world. But why is that?

Why did she leave?

As best friends they strive to understand each other after they go through the same traumatic event, of which they have no memory.

Along their journey to the truth they meet new friends, confidants, some in the form of Angelic and Demonic beings. The former seeks to help push the plan to control humanity into the light, while the other, darker faction, toils to remain ensconced in the shadows.

Book one introduces the reader to a world that is parallel to ours, and while seemingly far away, you'll find many things very familiar.

Enter a Hell with chaos likened to Dante Alighieri's Inferno, with the structure of The Screwtape Letters.

There are seven Department Heads, one for each of the Deadly Sins. Asmodeus: Department Head of Lust, Belphegor: Department Head of Gluttony and Abaddon: Department Head of Sloth are the only Seven Below that have been formally introduced in Book One.

How will their plan unfold, and what steps must be taken to bring back the Days of Dark Sky?

And what can the Light-Bringers do to stop it?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737496571
ISBN-10: 1737496577
Publisher: C.J. Pizzurro
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2021
Pages: 342
Language: English