The I of the Tiger: The Athlete Identity and Remedying Sport's Greatest Conflicts (Paperback)

The I of the Tiger: The Athlete Identity and Remedying Sport's Greatest Conflicts By Kimberly Carducci Cover Image
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What does it mean to be an athlete? Why is mental health in sports so important?

In The I of the Tiger, retired athlete and sports researcher, Kimberly Carducci, analyzes the psychology behind forming an athlete identity and its impact on mental health in today's sports world. With a basis of who we are as athletes, Carducci guides readers through the toughest moments athletes face along their journey (defeat, injury, retirement) and how to get through them.

In this timely book, Carducci demonstrates how ignoring athlete's emotional struggle in modern competition is a harmful, outdated approach to sport. Through an exploration of the factors that contribute to forming an athletic identity and the development of mental strategies for dealing with defeat, injury, and retirement, Carducci offers fresh and much-needed insights into the domain of athlete mental health.

This important book brings together an insightful and valuable mix of personal knowledge as well as top-rated research that greatly contributes to the emerging framework and understanding between mental health and athleticism. It is time to change the narrative and further challenge the stigma of mental health in sport.

The I of the Tiger is packed with practical, insightful, and engaging ideas, narratives, concepts, and approaches for helping athletes better identify and work through various mental blocks, struggles, irrational beliefs, and other common mental challenges athletes face throughout their careers.

The I of the Tiger is a must read for any athletes wishing to uncover the factors shaping their

identity and its impact on their understanding of the sport they love. In today's sports world,

uncovering the athlete identity and improving mental wellness is essential for all athletes.

About the Author

Kimberly Carducci earned her degree from the University of North Carolina and was a former NCAA athlete. Since her retirement from full time sports, she has become an advocate for mental health in sports. Carducci now owns and operates, where she continues her commitment to improving the well-being of athletes all around the world through her online courses, podcast, book reviews, and blog about athlete mental health.

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