Apes of the Wildfire: A Blazing Conflict Zone, Through Animal Eyes (Paperback)

Apes of the Wildfire: A Blazing Conflict Zone, Through Animal Eyes By Justin Morgan Cover Image
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War and wildfire are ravaging Borneo's rainforest. Can a pair of orangutan brothers overcome a bitter rivalry before the flames overcome them?

When a bullying brute seeks control of the forest, brothers Bili and Akan scour the trees for their exiled father, certain he can restore order to the canopy. But little do they know, their time with their mysterious father will see a bitter rift opened, and the course of their lives forever altered.

As the unstoppable inferno rages, and with Borneo's human residents locked in fierce ethnic conflict, the stage is set for an epic clash - and one which must surely end in tragedy.

Set during the devastating 1997 Asian forest fires, this tale of love and loss offers a unique and truly heartbreaking insight into the lives of some of our closest - and most vulnerable - relatives.

This inspirational coming of age story, like Watership Down and many other beloved YA animal stories, is a work of realistic animal fiction that takes teen and adult readers on an emotional journey. As the animal characters encounter new threats at every turn, they also discover that humanity's capacity for kindness and compassion is not completely lost. Will they be able to find a happy ending in a world that is falling apart?

With this book's adventure rooted in the true story of natural disaster and ethnic conflict of 1997, Morgan utilises a tragic episode in Indonesian history to deliver a compelling environmental narrative as we witness the impact of ecological devastation and the power of family and love through the eyes of orangutans.

A touching work of animal realism and literary fiction, this book is also a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary history and eco-fiction.

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ISBN: 9781739957063
ISBN-10: 1739957067
Publisher: Paws on Publishing
Publication Date: November 16th, 2022
Pages: 260
Language: English