Heavens on Earth: 40 Days Spiritual Journey That Will Transform Your Life: The Power of Fasting and Prayer (Paperback)

Heavens on Earth: 40 Days Spiritual Journey That Will Transform Your Life: The Power of Fasting and Prayer By Michael Orji Cover Image
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If there were ever such time that we needed God, it would be now. And if there is an inspirational book that would help draw you nearer to God, this Heavens on Earth, 40 Days Spiritual Journey, is that book.

The 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing the world to tremble. It has broken down almost all our known conventional defense systems and has left humanity vulnerable and scrambling for cover. Our dreaded nuclear bombs, heavy artillery, clandestine submarine technology, sophisticated stealth weaponry, and the most advanced defense system in the world could not come to our aid. Suddenly our political system could not save us, neither could our cash reserves, fame, nor intellect. Human closeness becomes a kiss of death to be dreaded. Most cities and in some cases entire countries are on lock-down and people are ordered to stay in their homes. Public gathering has been banned. This means that churches, schools, libraries, restaurants, sporting events and market squares are all banned.

Even our most intimate moments like holding of hands, hugs, or kisses are forbidden. How I wish this was a movie script or a scene from a fiction novel, unfortunately, it is neither. It is the present reality of the world that we woke up and found ourselves in. So far, over 400,000 people and counting have died of the virus and over 6.8 million have been infected with the disease worldwide. Everyone has similar questions: How did we get here? When and how shall this end? What shall we do? Unfortunately, no one has the answer. But God does.

Indeed, these might as well be the worst of times. Yet, it is not time to despair. It is time to inspire faith and trust in the Almighty God, the Alpha and Omega. This daily inspirational book, Heavens on Earth, is a Holy Spirit inspired message to draw us ever closer to the outstretched embrace of our Lord and Savior. Each day, the knowledge of God's truth is revealed to unleash the supernatural energy that takes captive every thought and activity that inspires fear and hopelessness.

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Publication Date: June 18th, 2020
Pages: 262
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