Step Up (Hardcover)

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She told me I was not a mistake, but a blessing, and what I had been through I had to accept. It was time to rebirth myself It was time that I confronted my fears head on and move beyond where I was stuck in my life. She made me realize what happened to me was not a choice, I was a child, but someone else's choice. I was just the victim, but at this point in my life I could no longer be the victim, I had to become the victor, I had to become the man I was destined to be, I had to make a change

If you don't address the issues that are holding you back, you will never have the opportunity to grow yourself, and at the end, you will never sing your song because it will be too late.

If you push through the pain and fear, you will be happy about the results, and the ton of bricks you have been carrying will be knocked off.

Join me on this journey to Step Up

Keith R. Harley, Jr.

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ISBN: 9781954609440
ISBN-10: 1954609442
Publisher: Laboo Publishing Enterprise, LLC
Publication Date: January 30th, 2023
Pages: 104
Language: English