The Ranger (Paperback)

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He can't resist a puzzle...

When Texas Ranger Brice McAllister spies a sexy woman in short shorts gardening in her backyard, he can't help but flirt. She shuts him down hard, and Brice is astonished when he realizes this alluring woman is also the aloof and dowdy librarian-complete with thick-framed glasses and a shapeless dress-who helped him research land deeds earlier that day. He's instantly intrigued and sets out to discover more-namely, why she's clearly hiding herself.

She can't attract attention...

After one side of her crime family is involved in her fianc 's death, Maria Giordano puts half a continent between herself and her L.A. home and family. She moves to Whiskey River and reinvents herself as "Mary," a serious and plain librarian. Her only indulgence is her garden and cooking with her neighbor's young daughter. And then she meets Brice.

Maria has every reason to avoid and resent a man with a badge, but when she needs protection, the last man she thinks she can trust is the first one she turns to.

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ISBN: 9781954894440
ISBN-10: 1954894449
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Publication Date: July 27th, 2021
Pages: 286
Language: English