One Ordinary Life-Extraordinary Grace (Paperback)

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Imagine sitting in the cockpit of a jet fighter descending to the rolling, moving flight deck of a super carrier at sea. You have 600 feet of flight deck to thread the eye of the needle and land safely. Ten thousand times ten thousand this dangerous drama has been repeated in the history of American carrier aviation. It is simply extraordinary.

This drama at sea if viewed through the proper lens can have great spiritual significance for your life. Imagine that the flight deck represents your safe haven in life, the place you return to again and again for meaning and stability. The flight deck is also the catapult for every new mission in life but here's the hook; God script for your life written by His own hand is better than any script you could write for yourself. Without God's script engaging your life, the bolters and wave-offs in your life's vocation will be frequent and the safe traps upon His flight deck few.

For me to say to you, "Choose God's script," is far too simple and simplistic. Discovering God's script for your life is much more complex and often counterintuitive against the powers of human reasoning. Nevertheless, it is only His script for your life that will lead you through the eye of the needle to reach the blessed end of God's script for your dreams.

Life, your life, is a great drama. Take the chance and live without God's script and you will bolter again and again with the imminent danger of ditching your plane into the angry sea. God alone threads the needle reframing your life until He brings you safely aboard His celestial flight deck turning every ordinary life into something truly extraordinary.

I have written this little book from my heart to yours via real life vignettes spread across the spectrum of my own ordinary life demonstrating that the grace of God is alive, active and at work. If God above can touch my ordinary life with His extraordinary grace as I wander about in the midst of eight billion souls strolling across planet earth and keep me on the narrow path of His vocation chosen for me, will He not do the same for you? Most certainly true.

You're approaching the flight deck. Flaps down. Tailhook down. Call the Ball Trapped You have safely landed on the celestial flight deck of God's grace ready for a new extraordinary mission in your ordinary life. Discover God's script for you. To God be all the glory.

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ISBN: 9781977262547
ISBN-10: 1977262546
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: July 5th, 2023
Pages: 184
Language: English