An Effect of Pranayama on Anxiety Stress and Body Index of Diabetic Patients (Paperback)

An Effect of Pranayama on Anxiety Stress and Body Index of Diabetic Patients By Patil T. S. Cover Image
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INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW There is overcrowding in a modern life due to rapid industrialization and tremendous population growth. In this world of competition, human being is unable to draw time for physical exercise as well as physical health. Modern living has been characterized by stressful life style that demands striving for success and competition. Social concerns generally come and go, while the stress may persist week after week, over a span of many years (Miller, Morton, Driscoll & Davis, 2006). The anxiety and stress directly affects on the lives of the people. This is not only seen in adults but also in kids too. The mental and physical health is also affected by regular routine life. People are horribly facing various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol etc. Diabetes patients have been tremendously increased now a day. Hereditary and modern lifestyle are the main reasons of it. The place of traditional food just like daal-roti-sabji has been replaced by fast and junk food like pizzas, burgers and soft drinks etc. According to the WHO survey, nowadays it is observed that, knowingly or unknowingly children are becoming victim of chocolates and oily food. Ten years ago, diabetes was noticed only after the age of 40 yrs but now a day the percentage of diabetes is observed in kids and in young generation too. And this is really very unfortunate. Due to the changing life style and competitive atmosphere everywhere, people as,

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