Find Your Online And Offline Balance (Paperback)

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We have less time to socialize offline the more time we spend socializing online.

Many researchers are worried about the possible effect of mobile phones and other portable devices on our lives, as they have become prevalent. Technology has helped us become more effective, linked, and profitable in various ways. Humans have only interacted in person for hundreds of thousands of years, but in the last fifty years, they have also begun to communicate online.

When are we online, and when are we offline?

This is one of the most challenging questions to answer in our digitally connected world. Smartphones and other readily available devices have blurred the lines between when people participate online and when they participate offline.

You Can Work From Almost Anywhere: One of the benefits of working online is that you can do so from almost anywhere with an internet connection. You don't have to sit in an office chair or deal with everyday commuting because your desk can be anywhere

Allow yourself a day off.

Take small technology vacations every now and then in which you switch off your phone and laptop for the whole day. "I've noticed a significant improvement in my level of concentration." It's helpful at work but also for paying more time with my wife and kids.

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Publication Date: November 18th, 2022
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