Nuclear Fission and Fusion: Energy Sources and Weapons. (Paperback)

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Overview of Nuclear Fusion and Fission

The two basic processes that control how atomic nuclei behave are nuclear fission and fusion, and they are essential to the fields of nuclear energy, astronomy, and the creation of cutting-edge technologies. Despite their differences, these processes are based on similar principles and have important ramifications for both our comprehension of the cosmos and our capacity to use nuclear energy.

Nuclear Fission: Atomic Dividing

The process of splitting an atom's nucleus into two or more smaller nuclei while releasing a significant quantity of energy is known as nuclear fission. The 1930s saw the first observations and understanding of this process, which is the foundation for nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

The concept of nuclear stability holds the key to comprehending nuclear fission. Protons and neutrons make up atomic nuclei, and the equilibrium between the forces holding these particles together and those that tend to push them apart determines the stability of the nucleus. Stability may result from the stronger repulsive forces between positively charged protons in bigger nuclei. It is because of this instability that nuclear fission is conceivable.

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