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Beverly Jenkins enthralls romance readers once again with Midnight--a heart-soaring African American historical romance novel set during America's turbulent Revolutionary War.

In a time of peril, she fears nothing--except the forbidden passions of her heart.

In Boston, revolution is in the wind--yet none would ever suspect Faith Kingston of treason. But under cover of darkness, the beautiful daughter of a Tory tavern owner becomes the notorious spy Lady Midnight, passing valuable secrets to the rebels. Dedicated to fighting British tyranny, she'll let nothing distract her--until a dark, mesmerizing stranger enters her life.

A reckless, worldly adventurer, Nicholas Grey has returned to troubled Massachusetts seeking revenge for the death of his rebel father. He suspects a local innkeeper, but it's the man's breathtaking, ebony-skinned daughter who has truly captured his interest. Nicholas burns for the sensuous, secretive lady--and Faith cannot mask her own blazing desires. But when destiny unites their causes, the passion that draws Midnight into Nicholas's arms is as dangerous as it is glorious--and it could spell disaster for them both.

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ISBN: 9798200744121
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Language: English