Once Upon a Time (Paperback)

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I wrote a book about moments. I titled it Once Upon A Time mainly because in remembering the moments I was writing about, I was reimagining life as a dream. It is not about a made-up fantasy I wished to live, but about a very real one that I saw as a dream, as a "once upon a time," seeing its "happily ever after." It is not about heaven but about earth, about everything glorious and heavenly from this earth I live in. It is about sins and dirt. It is about a dirty life made by a sinless God. It is not about Jesus. This book is not about Jesus's life, but about the creation he made. It is not about where Jesus went but about the trail he left, not about what he said but about how the storms listened to it. It is not about what Jesus could have looked like, but about the stares he received. It is not about how he matured men, but about how he made children of them. It is about how he made Sarah laugh and David cry and Thomas doubt and Mary notice. This book is about these rather ordinary moments making up a most beautiful dream.

And what a shame it would be to miss even a single one of them.

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ISBN: 9798888321119
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: June 12th, 2023
Pages: 170
Language: English