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In "I Talked to God," author Michael T. Glaspie delivers a profoundly introspective and unfiltered exploration of his journey towards embracing spirituality and divine communication. With candid sincerity, Glaspie invites readers into the depths of his own evolution, shedding light on his struggles with fear, procrastination, and societal expectations that once held him back from sharing his truth.

In a world dominated by apprehensions and the desire for social acceptance, Glaspie unearths his unspoken fears of being labeled a zealot or facing potential ramifications in his professional life. His heart-wrenching regret over missed opportunities to provide comfort to those transitioning to the next phase of existence propels him to finally break free from the shackles of societal norms.

With courage at his side, faced with a recent terminal illness diagnosis, Glaspie's revelations unfold like a tapestry of experiences that are raw, unembellished, and undeniably real. Each story shared within these pages is an authentic account of divine encounters and meaningful moments that have shaped his spiritual beliefs. His narrative transcends sensationalism, revealing a genuine desire to inspire others to seek deeper meanings in their own lives and to overcome the fear of the unknown.

And now for the first time he speaks out about his role in a three

year Internet Scam netting over $55 Million, which became known as

"The Mike G Coin Deal"

"I Talked to God" captures not only Glaspie's personal revelations but also his vision for a world where spirituality and reality intertwine harmoniously. The book's final chapter extends an open invitation to readers to share their own stories, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding that defies isolation.

Amidst Glaspie's candid prose lies a subplot that mirrors his personal journey: a financial venture entangled in legal complexities. The backdrop of this experience further accentuates his courage in standing up to overwhelming odds and gives the book an additional layer of depth and relatability.

As Glaspie shares his heartfelt and introspective story, readers are invited to reflect on their own fears, doubts, and aspirations. "I Talked to God" is a soul-stirring memoir that challenges conventions, ignites self-discovery, and encourages a deeper connection with the divine, reminding us all that embracing our true selves is the ultimate liberation.

Glaspie announced in a recent podcast this book is about helping people find the truth in the darkness, the destiny we all share. To this end, he said he will not accept any personal income but instead donate his profits to AACR. American Association for Cancer Research. He said already because of hatred there are reviews from people who have not even purchased the book. He said if they would just read, they would learn the truth about his involvement in the internet scam and thus allow people to find their peace in the darkness.

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ISBN: 9798988828716
Publisher: Michael T. Glaspie
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 142
Language: English