Operational Updates

Dear Ripped Bodice Community, 

We want to make sure we are keeping you updated on how we are handling this crisis. It’s been a very challenging time but we are hanging in there.

The shop remains closed to all customers with no events on the calendar. Once we have more clarity about the ongoing health crisis, we will reevaluate the calendar and let everyone know. 


-Online orders

We are still accepting online orders and have adopted a process to best comply with the evolving guidelines from California and LA County Departments of Health. 

This means that Leah is processing all incoming orders and our staff has been instructed to stay at home. Because this is now a one-woman operation, shipping may be slower than normal. We love and appreciate your support in this incredibly difficult time, so we ask that you bear with us as we continue to fill orders.


-Care packages

We are now accepting new orders for care packages. However, because we are down to a shipping staff of one, we will be accepting orders in batches so as not to overwhelm Leah. Head to this link to enter your email address, and we’ll send you the order link once it’s your turn.

Questions about orders (or anything) can be directed to hello@therippedbodicela.com


Finally, now is a great time to think about becoming a Patron of the store. 


There is already a ton of cool content you can check out on our page. Including 12 original short stories from some amazing romance authors. Vlogs and other fun stuff. We know this is not an option for everyone and that's totally okay and understandable. But if you're looking for a way to help, this is a great option. 

We hope you are all doing okay and making it through one day at a time.
xoxo, Bea & Leah and Fitz

General Event Information

Do I need a ticket?

All of our event are free and first-come, first-serve unless explicitly stated.

Whats the deal with RSVPing?

We appreciate it when customers RSVP for an event because it helps us ensure we have enough booze, books and chairs. IT IS NOT REQUIRED. You can always show up to a free event without RSVPing. If you RSVP'd and it turns out you can't make the event, there is no need to let us know. 

Can I buy the book in advance?

Yes! In fact we strongly recommend it. Despite our best efforts, there is always a chance we will run out of books. If you want to guarantee yourself a copy, you can preorder the book for pickup at the event. Preorders for events are always under our signed books page and usuually go up about 1.5 months before the event. Make sure you select "pickup in store" when you check out and you can tell us in the comments that you will be picking up at the event. Preorders always close at least 24 hours before the event.

Can I bring books I already own for authors to sign?

Yes. However, we have a limit of 2 outside books per author. We appreciate customers understanding and respecting this limit.

Will an author sign my tshirt/totebag/kindle?

What an author will or will not sign is always left to the individual authors discrection. If an author lets us know in advance their policies, we will list them on the individual event page.

Do you serve food or drinks?

We always serve wine at book signings (unless it's reeeeeally early in the morning, then we have mimosas!) Ocassionally we will have little nibbles but we generally state on our advertising if there will be food at the event. Please do not bring food to share to our events. We appreciate the thought but it presents a liability issue for us.

I can't make the event but I really want a signed copy of *X Author's* book!

We almost always offer personalized signed copies to be shipped following the event. Check out our signed books pages here --> http://www.therippedbodicela.com/available-authors

Preorders usually open about 1.5 months before the event. If you don't see the book you want you can always email us at therippedbodicela@gmail.com

Where should I park?

There is ample parking around the store.

Option 1: Public Parking Garages on Cardiff and Culver Blvd

FREE for one hour, $1 per half hour after 1st hour

Option 2: Metered Parking on Main St.

What if I want to have an event at your store? 

Please email our events manager Chelsea at events@therippedbodicela.com

I have more questions!

Give us a call at (424) 603-4776 or email us at events@therippedbodicela.com