Blind Date with a Book SALE Bundles


The above descriptions are SAMPLES.

Every single blind date is unique. Because of this, it is not possible for us to list them individually online. That's why it's double blind! 

The books included in our sale bundles are all new releases from 2021 or 2022 and were included in our subscription box. If you or your giftee subscribe, we do not recommend ordering these bundles.

Mass Market (smaller, usually 7-9 dollars) and Trade Paperback (larger, usually 15-17 dollars) refer to the size of the books. 


2 Book Bundle, 1 mass market and 1 trade paperback. Value = $23-$26

4 Book Bundle, 2 mass markets and 2 trade paperbacks. Value = $46-$52


Your book arrives wrapped in fun whimsical paper with the description on the outside. Perfect for gifting to a friend or as a treat for yourself!

All Blind Date book sales are final, if you find yourself with a book that is not to your taste we recommend you gift it to a friend!

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