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About the book:

From Wall Street Journal, BookTok, and #1 Amazon bestselling author T L Swan comes the sizzling story of Gabriel Ferrara and Grace Porter. Bonus chapters included in this exclusive paperback edition!

Grace Porter has the perfect job, great pay, a beautiful office, everything she ever dreamed of, if not for one small detail.

She's utterly and hopelessly in love with her boss.

Gabriel Ferrara is tall and handsome, and most days she wants to stab her eyes out with a pencil, anything to stop her seeing his perfection.

How any female could work in these conditions and not be completely besotted with him is beyond her.

Then he opens his mouth and she remembers why.

He's bossy and sarcastic, with a wit so sharp it could cut glass.

Every weekend is the same . . . while he's off living his dream life, she's counting down the days until Monday when she sees him again.

But enough is enough.

Grace is tired of organising his glamorous and exciting life, instead of living her own.

Determined to find true happiness, she hands in her resignation.

Furious, he won't accept it, and rages like never before.

Desperate to keep her, he offers her a Bonus . . . one she never saw coming.

Finally . . .

It's Grace's turn to be the boss.

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