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About the book:

Lissie Cheng is doing her best, but she's balancing a lot for a college student. She and her sisters, orphaned young, are now cared for by their aunt and uncle, so she and her older sister, Jenny, work in their family's restaurant to help out, even though Lissie's Mandarin isn't great and she's struggling to keep up with her schoolwork. Unfortunately, she accidentally serves a pork dish with a teaspoon of shrimp paste to a customer with a seafood allergy, making her life even more complicated.

When Preston Lin, the customer's friend, writes a nasty article about the restaurant for the Stanford Daily, she starts doing damage control online. Since she has to take a break from working at the restaurant, she's roped into becoming her younger sister's official chaperone for regional swim meets, a massive time commitment that unexpectedly brings her back into contact with Preston, who's a volunteer for USA Swimming. She'd like to hate Preston, that "arrogant, brilliant swim star," but the more their lives intersect, the more she realizes she might have misjudged him, though he's difficult to read (and readers never enter his perspective, either).

Stunned when he confesses his attraction and asks her out, she turns him down; by the time she realizes she's made a mistake, she fears it's too late to say yes, and fans of the Bennets can probably guess where it goes from there. In a world with so many Pride & Prejudice adaptations, a new one has to be truly special to stand out, and this one is.

Dudley's contemporary debut is faithful to its source material but finds clever ways to make it work in a modern setting, while also adding an authentic Chinese American perspective on the beloved story. A warm, sweet story with all the witticisms Austen fans savor.

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