The Sadist and The Stolen Princess, Illustrated - SIGNED



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A single chance for redemption...

George James Madoc Danforth is the heir apparent to The Warrick--unbeknownst to all the British Empire, including the Queen herself. When Madoc is resurrected, he expects coming back to London to be with a modicum of pomp and circumstance. The actual return, however, is far from that.
Commanded to go back and make amends with his family, Madoc is thrust under the title his father carried, the one his brother held while Madoc was believed dead. 

The last thing Mads needs right now is attention. So when a woman walks into his life, falls into his arms, and has nowhere to go, Madoc is forced to reevaluate everything he knows.

Lost in time, Willow finds herself at the mercy of a man who terrifies her in all the best ways. While she struggles to accept herself, her place in his life and his world, she fights to reconcile that everything she knew to be true was somehow not, and everything she holds dear now may not be hers forever. Can she trust him enough to show him who she truly is? Who she's always been, no matter where or when? 

Suddenly, all of Madoc's priorities have changed. 

The only thing that matters to her.

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