Shop Accessibility - Los Angeles

Event Chairs:

We have two types of folding chairs available at events. One is rated for up to 220 pounds and the other is rated for up to 500 pounds.


Front doorway clearance: 38 inches wide

We unfortunately do not have automatic doors but there is always someone on hand to hold it open!

Front threshold:


Bathroom hallway: 39 inches

Bathroom doorway clearance: 32 inches wide

Checkout desk height: 36 inches tall

Pathways between bookshelves: at least 40 inches wide (on wheels, movable)


Do you have stairs? Yes, however as of January 2021, these stairs are not for public use. 


We have SuperEar SE7500 Personal Sound Amplifiers available at all events!


If there is anything not covered here that you have a question about, please feel free to email us at we would be happy to help!